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Your Date With Royalty | Tiger Sightinging in Masinagudi

Its 5.30 am. The weather still carrying the heaviness of last night’s rain. Like an untamed wild horse, our gypsy geared and skidded through the bumpy and slushy terrain. Our tribal spotter and driver, Mr. Mahesh, seemed as relaxed as a cowboy as he made his way through the mist covered morning…

Hundreds of cheetal are seen enjoying the dew filled grass. Our guests now settle in at the back of the Gypsy, enjoying the cool forest morning of the monsoons. The magic touch of the shower from last night can be seen everywhere, a group of peafowl and a happy family of wild boars stand by the side and watch our vehicle pass before we enter our paradise; an open savanna type grassland with dispersed trees…a spot where we usually sight herds of elephants. But little did we know that today something even more breathtaking was awaiting us. Fascinating and magnificent, the perfect killing machine, shaped by both God and evolution! His eyes glittered in the morning rays and he couldn’t escape from Mahesh’s sight. He came slowly out of the thickets, hardly disturbed by our presence and seemed seriously engrossed in something. After a close examination of the new guests that had entered his space, his focus moved to the tree and he sprayed at it, to show Mahesh that this is his territory and you may enter at your own risk! 🙂

He then slowly turned and disappeared into the jungle. All the while our guests not only had their eyes glued onto him, our beloved Royal Bengal Tiger of Mudumalai, but also had their camera glued on, recording a moment that would leave an everlasting imprint of its royalty onto our hearts – a true date with Indian Royalty!

Dear Mr. Blake, you are right, “Tiger Tiger burning bright, in the forest of the…what immortal hand or eye dare frame thy fearful symmetry”!

Our sincere thanks to our esteemed guest “karthikmg” for sharing his Mudumalai Safari Video and his Review on TripAdvisor. We really appreciate it!

One response to “Your Date With Royalty | Tiger Sightinging in Masinagudi”

  1. Arnav says:

    Wow! You guys are very lucky to see the Royal Bengal – given the vastness of Mudumulai, this is a very rare video. We had visited InnTheWild Near Bandipur earlier this year and we had an awesome experience! The location of the resort is just fantastic. We had stayed at the Tree House for two nights and while we were sitting in the balcony and taking sunset shots, I couldn’t believe my eyes when suddenly we saw a herd of elephants come into the property to play in the waterhole. Breathtaking to say the least! We also took a morning safari on both days but only got to see deer, peacock and some very colourful birds. You guys really lucked out…congrats! I feel like visiting again now… 🙂

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