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Inn The Wild
A Wilderness Retreat — Masinagudi Jungle Resorts, India

Responsible Ecotourism Near Bandipur



We hear a lot about the need to conserve nature and protect our ecosystem, such efforts though are often limited to “creating awareness in the society’. Creating awareness is no doubt an important aspect for ecological conservation, however, can’t our efforts be more impactful? To help answer this question, InnTheWild Resort Near Bandipur, as part of our continues conservation and eco-tourism efforts in Mudhumalai, has introduced our “Plant a Tree Initiative”. So, come on over, and lets seed life together 🙂

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Your Date With Royalty | Tiger Sightinging in Masinagudi

Its 5.30 am. The weather still carrying the heaviness of last night’s rain. Like an untamed wild horse, our gypsy geared and skidded through the bumpy and slushy terrain. Our tribal spotter and driver, Mr. Mahesh, seemed as relaxed as a cowboy as he made his way through the mist covered morning…

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Kickstarting our Conservation Program Near Bandipur

At InnTheWild, Located Near Bandipur,  our staff and management are always concerned about the beautiful wildlife and wilderness that surrounds us. So as a Senior Naturalist here, one of the first major steps that I have undertaken is to have gotten our first conservation program kick-started and approved by our management. This is the first among various baby steps that we plan to undertake, and when you do visit us, please do have a word with me (Subish Sebastian, Senior Naturalist, InnTheWild, Masinagudi) on how *YOU* can get involved with the InnTheWild Conservation Program.

Weeds are considered a serious threat to biodiversity in several World Heritage-listed areas including the Western Ghats and specifically the Mudumulai and Bandipur Tiger Reserve. Therefore weed management becomes the top priority for habitat management for the ungulate population and thereby for the carnivores.


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