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Responsible Ecotourism Near Bandipur



We hear a lot about the need to conserve nature and protect our ecosystem, such efforts though are often limited to “creating awareness in the society’. Creating awareness is no doubt an important aspect for ecological conservation, however, can’t our efforts be more impactful? To help answer this question, InnTheWild Resort Near Bandipur, as part of our continues conservation and eco-tourism efforts in Mudhumalai, has introduced our “Plant a Tree Initiative”. So, come on over, and lets seed life together 🙂

Ever since the vedic times, scientists and scholars have been reminding us the importance of conserving nature for the survival of mankind but we seem to wake up for a while from our sleep only to press the snooze button and go back to the comforts and convenience of our lifestyle. Why do we fail to realize that if we ignore the warnings around us, nature’s fury is real and impending and can wreak havoc way beyond our control? We do have conservationists working toward educating people and many new terms have been coined in relation to environmental conservation,….“Save the Earth” has become one such mantra that many of us are familiar with. I find it ironic though since while the earth can continue to exist for millions of years despite its exploitation, the same cannot be said of mankind? We will need to become super human to survive with the depleted quality of air or water that will be available on the earth. So the question that arises is, who must be saved the earth or we humans?



When we cut down trees in the name of development, an entire ecosystem gets disturbed – land, air, water. That’s why we at InntheWild have initiated a simple yet effective program where our guests can do their part in contributing to help man continue to survive on the face of the earth. Our guests get the opportunity to not just enjoy nature in its beauty but can also be responsible citizens of the earth, and help conserve the beauty of this fragile ecosystem. Though a small step it can remain for hundreds of years, and be a witness to the coming generations; a service not just to humans but a boon to all forms of life – birds and beasts as well. So how is this possible….?



All you need to do is participate in our “Plant a tree” Go Green initiative. You plant a sapling and we will take care of it for you… ….Taking care of a plant takes as much time and effort as nurturing a child till he/she is able to survive independently; we at InntheWild are willing to gladly fulfill that responsibility for you. In the first phase of the project, we are planting the ficus species like Ficus begalensis and Ficus religiosa, an umbrella species supported by the biodiversity throughout the year and that contributes to reduce the carbon foot print on the Earth.


So here’s your chance to show in action your commitment to the much talked about conservation efforts………….action that is measurable and impactful !!!



One response to “Responsible Ecotourism Near Bandipur”

  1. Ravi Jagani says:

    A very good initiative! Its really heartening to see such an initiative taken by a masinagudi resort. Keep up the good work!!!

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