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Inn The Wild
A Wilderness Retreat — Masinagudi Jungle Resorts, India

Interesting Blogs on InnTheWild

I recently decided to do some internet searching to check out what our guests are writing about us on their blogs. 🙂 I was pleasantly surprised to find some pretty interesting materials out there.

Here are two of these that really stand out:

Review #1: Ramesh Rambling –

The beautiful colors in the shot of the double rainbow was simply breath taking!


Review #2: TripDayz –

Got to love the shot of the Leopard they got during the nature walk!


We really appreciate the write up from you! Its really encouraging, thank you very-very much!

One response to “Interesting Blogs on InnTheWild”

  1. R.Ramesh says:

    Thank you so much for linking my blog to your official website. I must say that i really enjoyed your resort and i did stay at your resort 3 times within a span of 2 months. I will keep visiting each year for sure.

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